From the recording That's How I Worship Him


I will worship Him with all my heart and all my soul
He doesn’t want just part of me so I come to give my whole
And when I truly worship, I know that I’ll be changed
I cannot give it all I’ve got and still remain the same
When I worship Him and I will worship Him

I will worship Him in each and everything I do
Not just on a Sunday, not just sitting in a pew
Oh, what He desires is that I give Him my all
When I step into His presence, I just stand in awe
And I worship Him

And it may be costly for me, this worship that I give
But it’s worth the price I have to pay, it’s how I choose to live
To worship when it’s easy and then when times are tough
But all that I can give Him, still won’t be enough

But I’ll still worship Him and praise His holy name
I want to be filled with His glory, oh, I am not ashamed
I’ll exalt my Holy Savior, with a pleasing sacrifice
In not just what I do one day but how I live my life
That’s how I worship Him
I will worship Him, that’s how I worship Him