1. So Unworthy

From the recording So Unworthy


So unworthy, I bow down on my knees
To give thanks for what you have done for me
Knowing there’s a debt I can never repay
And yet, you love me anyway.
You love me anyway.

So unworthy of this life that I live
So unworthy of the blessings You give
All I want to do for the rest of my days
Is lift my voice in praise
I will lift my voice in praise.

So unworthy, if not for Your grace
That we may all receive if we just have faith
And believe in the gift of your precious Son
As our Savior, the only One
Our Savior, the only One

So unworthy and I always will be
If I depend on just what I can see
Oh, I’m grateful for what you had to do
that made me worthy to you
You made me worthy to You