From the recording Since I Finally Came Around


Years of hearing but not listening to Him
He was patiently waiting, but not wondering when
‘Cause He knew the outcome and what was to be
And that’s when He took hold - caused a stirring in me
(And now I’m)

Out of the darkness, I am out of the night
He brought me out of the darkness and into the light
He lifted me up; and now He won’t let me down
I am out of darkness since I finally came around

Each day is a joy, now my life’s a delight
‘Cause I know even with struggles, well, it’s gonna be alright
A burden’s been lifted, I am lighter than air
I know He’s beside me and He’ll always be there
(Now that I’m)


So if you are waiting, there is something you can do
You’ve got to open your heart and let Him work on you too
The outcome may be just what you’ve dreamt about
And if you trust Him completely - He’ll remove any doubts
(Then you’ll be)

Out of the darkness, you’ll be out of the night
He’ll bring you out of the darkness and into the light
He’ll lift you up; you know He won’t let you down
You’ll be out of darkness once you finally come around
Won’t you finally come around
I hope you finally come around