1. March On

From the recording March On


I had a stare down with Satan
And it seemed as though he won
So I prayed to God in heaven
To repent for what I’d done
The Lord gave me forgiveness
Said “Don’t stop now, just move on,
and get back in that battle,
march on, march on”

A fierce battle has been waged
Oh yes, this is war
Be steadfast in your effort
Remember who you’re fighting for
Let’s leave the world behind us
And search the spirit within
When we arm ourselves from heaven,
We can surely win

March on, march on, oh good and faithful one
Do not be afraid, this battle will be won
With the Savior as Commander
The outcome is assured
March on, march on, victory is yours.

Satan has no real power
Over those who believe
We have a suit of armor
that others may not see
So learn what you may from those
saints who marched before
It’s not an earthly battle
It’s a spiritual war


Weapons of this world
are not what we should wield
Let His Word be our sword
And faith be our shield
Our breastplate is righteousness
Our belt is His truth
But Satan knows just where to hit you
So you better tighten up that suit.


March on, march on, victory is yours.