From the recording Built By A Carpenter


Built by a carpenter a long, long time ago.
What was its purpose -
Only God could ever know
The love He showed was more than any other
And now we know there would never be another

There was love in His hands,
for everything He offered
In every piece He molded,
and everything He touched
His work was priceless,
More than most could every pay
But if you believed in Him,
He would help you find the way.

Some things will only last a hundred years or so
But His work’s still going strong
From two thousand years ago
I have seen it's beauty,
And I know you have too
So come on let’s get started,
He's got work for us to do.


I am a product of that carpenter
He made me with His promise
And shaped me with His love
And those who do not know Him
May not understand
Until He touches them
with the love in His hands

There is love in His hands
For everything He offers
In each of us He molds now
And everyone He's touched
His work is still priceless
More than you could ever pay
But if you believe in Him,
He will help you find the way
Let Him help you find the way

Built by a carpenter a long, long time ago.