From the recording Beautiful Chaos


Among the clutter and the noise, and the discord I see
This life I am living sometimes takes a toll on me
But with the hope He offers, I won’t focus on my cares
‘Cause He helps me find the beauty among the darkest despair

This beautiful chaos that I’m living in
I don’t know where I’m going
But I’m sure where I am
With my Savior beside me,
I feel nothing but calm
And I know if I go where He leads,
I won’t go wrong

Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough of me
To meet the demands of all my responsibilities
So when I’m shaken and frazzled by this world I’m living in
I just look for that quiet time, when I can talk to Him


Looking around me, I see sin everywhere
And sometimes it seems like nobody cares
But I know my purpose, I’ll keep doing my part
To rid the world of darkness with His light that’s in my heart


Beautiful chaos, ooh, ooh
Beautiful chaos
Beautiful chaos