Halloween Past


This is one of my favorite pictures, even though it was taken awhile ago on Halloween.  It's not because of the composition or the colors, or any of that other photography stuff, but rather because of the glimpse into the boys' personality.  Number 1 son, is trying his best to be stoic, like a fearless ninja, but that can't hide his serious yet kind eyes.  Number 2 son, who was barely walking at the time, was imitating what he had seen his big brother doing earlier.  He still looks to his brother to find out what to imitate.

I look at this picture with a little bit of nostalgia because at times I miss the cuddly toddler and the 4 year old who thinks his mom can do no wrong...but I am not sad.  I loved who my boys were at this time in their lives and I love who they have become.  I look forward to how they change in the next seven years....

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